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Who: Fat Creeps

A little bit of background: Fat Creeps began when guitarist Gracie Jackson and bassist Mariam Saleh bonded at an open mic night on the North Shore. At the time, the two were both disheartened by their fellow open mic goers and in a swift one-two, “I said, ‘I heard you play guitar. That’s cool, I don’t play any instruments but, uh, I pretend to, so like, you wanna start a band?” Saleh told the Dig. According to the duo, they began jamming together and playing as a two-piece where yelling was the focal point.

Since then, the duo has picked up a drummer and matured into a dreamy lo-fi sound that swoops you in and says, “stay a while, why don’t you?” Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of yelling on “Secrets” off of their 2012 self-titled EP.

Sounds kinda like: lazy garage rock

Why you should care: List the female-fronted bands blossoming in this scene right now, and see if you can get to two hands.* OK, I’ll give you another minute or two. With a loyal following in both Boston and beyond, nabbing spots on impressive bills, like with Canadian act The Courtneys earlier this year, and earning positive nods from the likes of Spin and Tiny Mix TapesFat Creeps is a name that keeps on growing.

Fun fact: Jackson is a volunteer guitar teacher at Girls Rock Boston this summer, a week long program for youth, working to empower girls by encouraging positive self esteem through music education and performance.

Press play: Check out Fat Creeps’ music video for “Back 2 Skool” below for some silliness and some sick dance moves.

Like what you hear? Catch the trio TOMORROW (yes, tomorrow) tucked away at the Middle East Upstairs in Central and kick off your weekend early!

White Mystery
w/The Fagettes, Fat Creeps, Gymshorts
Thursday, June 19
Middle East – Upstairs
480 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

8:00 p.m. – 18+ – $10

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*Note: Allston Pudding would like to clarify that there are tons of great female musicians in Boston. They must be particularly giddy about Fat Creeps’ recent successes.