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Who: Couples Counseling

A little bit of background:

Couples Counseling is Virginia De Las Pozas. Previously De Las Pozas sang with an ambient electronic project Cry Guy, and she’s always had a hankering for making electronic music. When her Cry Guy counterpart moved out of Boston, she opted to start  a new project with her then-boyfriend and aptly named the project as they were attending couples counseling at the time. De Las Pozas starting taking the new project more seriously, continued on her own, and has been recording and releasing tracks under the moniker since the beginning of this year. The funny thing is, she still works with that guy (Chris Dougnac) in another local project, Parih.
Sounds kinda like: experimental electronics heard underwater

Why you should care:

Couples Counseling is spacey and very oceanic. Upon first listen, you are immediately submerged into De Las Pozas’ waves of synthesizers and demure vocals. Couples Counseling is quirky and whimsical, as tracks incorporate various sounds including bird chirps, whistles, and even frog croaks. Everything about her recordings is a little blurry, but comforting, kinda like taking your glasses off after a long day. De Las Pozas instrumentation is filtered through various echoes and effects that make her music inviting. This is honest and innovative dream pop.

Fun fact: De Las Pozas has provided backup vocals for Mutual Benefit!

Press play: Get a taste with her single “hope u nevr hear this”:



Like what you hear? Nurse your hangover tomorrow with the sweet sounds of Couples Counseling.

Foxes in Fiction
w/Mr. Lies, Emily Reo, and Couples Counseling
Saturday, November 1
1353 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA
10:00 p.m. – All Ages – $5-10 sliding scale