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Who: Big Mess

A little bit of background:

Midnight Werewolf Records is releasing the debut and long awaited 12” from Lowell’s Big Mess. The label’s catalog features the likes of Kal Marks, Sneeze, and Fórn – so Big Mess fits right in. The release is titled “You Are My Sunshine” and features six hefty instrumental doom blues tracks. Pre-orders for the record are still available until the official release date on September 16. The Lowell trio manages to be weighty and in your face without uttering a single word.

“You Are My Sunshine” is the follow up to a self-titled cassette that Big Mess released back in 2011 and the first release featuring their kickass female bassist. The trio, Nick Wiedeman (guitar), Olivia Close (bass), and Nick Egersheim (drums) are proud to stand behind this momentous collection.

Sounds kinda like: bluesy doom rock

Why you should care: Full disclosure, my typical cup of tea is a soft folk singer or something of the like…but I’ve been daring to dip my ears into the heavier pools. Big Mess is messy (no pun intended) and these heart pounding drums will wake you up. This breed of sludgey rock is blunt and exactly the kind of catharsis I need post-Allston Christmas. Boston has come to know and love the bigger Boston heavyweights, many of which are found on Midnight Werewolf, but it’s now time to let Big Mess shine.

Fun fact: Words of advice from the band, “Don’t stop rocking or rolling. Don’t let an algebra test keep you back from your dreams. Don’t stop listening to the New Highway Hymnal, Rabbit, Onslo, Motel Mattress, or Led Zeppelin. Don’t stop moshing. Don’t stop burning your friends CDs. Don’t stop downloading music illegally.”

Press play: Treat yourself to an advance stream of “You Are My Sunshine” in its entirety below.

Like what you hear? Big Mess is currently on tour, full listing is below. Tell ya friends, tell ya family.

Big Mess Fall Tour Dates:

9/3 Mansfield, OH @ Relax, it’s Just Coffee
9/4 Athens, OH @ The Smiling Skull
9/5 Bloomington, IN @ TBA
9/6 Chicago, IL @ Bric-a-brac Records
9/7 Lawrence, Kansas @ The Jackpot Music Hall
9/8 Colorado Springs, CO @ TBA
9/9 Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA
9/10 Boise, Idaho @ Bouquet
9/11 Portland, OR @ Foggy Notion
9/12 Eugene, OR @ TBA
9/13 Stockton/ North CA TBA
9/14 Stockton, CA @ The Bus Stop
9/15 San Francisco, CA @ TBA
9/16 San Francisco, CA @ Neck of The Woods
9/17 Santa Barbara, CA @ Biko’s Garage
9/18 Santa Barbara, CA @ 5. 4. 3. 2. FUN
9/19 Anaheim, CA @ The Doll Hut
9/20 Anaheim, CA @ House Show
9/21 Phoenix, AZ @ The Trunk Space
9/22 Santa Fe, NM @ TBA
9/23 Austin, TX @ The Lost Well
9/24 New Orleans, LA @ TBA
9/25 Murfreesboro, TN @ TBA
9/26 Asheville, NC @ TBA
9/27 NC @ TBA
9/28 Richmond, VA @ TBA
9/29 Silver Springs, MD @ The Pyramid
9/30 Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
10/1 Purchase, NY @ SUNY
10/2 Portsmouth, NH @ Red Door

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