October, the month of pumpkin spice, costumes and above all else, haunted houses is a favorite around these parts. Being the hardy New Englanders that we are, we can’t get enough of the macabre and frightful.  Let us help you along on these last ghostly nights and show you all things horrific and ghastly in these haunted houses.  Watch your back or you may not make it out alive.  You have been warned!

5. Factory of Terror – Worcester
This place has five attractions in one: Zella’s Hideaway, Clown College 2014, Zombie Alley, 3D Nightmare and The 13th Haunt.  Pick and choose the haunted house where you will meet your doom!

Directions: From South Station take the Worcester line to Worcester. Take the Number 1 bus and get off at Factory of Terror.

4. Ghoulie Manor – Taunton
This Manor was once inhabited by the Goulet family in the 19th century, but the they mysteriously disappeared and the legend remains unsolved. Be careful though– rumor has it anyone who goes looking for the answers is never heard from again…

Directions: From South Station take to Hyannis Transportation Center.  Hop off at Plymouth Station.  Grab the bus to Providence R.I. and get off at Taunton Galleria Mall. Ghoulie Manor is located by the Cinema.

3.  Barrett’s Haunted Mansion – Abington
Have you heard of “Darkness Unleashed”? If not, let us enlighten you. One single light for yourself and your group.  The creatures that lurk in the dark can and will touch you.  Sixteen is the age limit– take your light and hopefully you find your way out.

Directions:  From South Station, take the Kingston/Plymouth line and get off at South Weymouth.  Grab a cab to 1235 Bedford St, Abington, MA

2. Connors Farm’ Corn Maze – Danvers
This place is worth the visit, no matter from how far or how long it takes you.  The people at Connors Farm in Danvers have taken Halloween to a whole new level.  Shoot zombies with paint guns, join a paranormal investigation team, hit up the corn maze and go see the haunted circus.  You can get your Halloween fix in one giant, terrifying punch!

Directions:  From North Station, take either the Newburyport or Rockport lines to North Beverly.  From there we advise grabbing a taxi to 30 Valley Road, Danvers.  Should only be about a 15 minute ride.

1.  Hammond’s Castle – Gloucester
What would life be like without the blessed remote control?  Well, you have Mr. John Hammond Jr. to thank for that! And now his 1920’s castle by the sea in Gloucester, MA gets turned into a haunted house to celebrate all things occult.



Each year has a different theme and route through the castle, so don’t get too comfortable if you went last year– you’re still in for a scare.



You start your experience off with a haunted bus ride from Stage Fort Park to the castle.  From there, you are led down to the haunted house, sometimes escorted by Mr. Hannibal Letcor himself. Watch out or you could end up leaving without a finger or two.


If you think you are safe when you make it back outside of the castle walls, you are sorely mistaken.  Ghouls of all kinds lurk in the woods, so watch your back. Warning: They are not afraid to chase you.

Directions: At North Station take the Rockport line to Gloucester.  A cab will take you to Stage Fort Park for about 5 dollars.  From there take the free shuttle to the castle.