With the weather getting cooler, we’re all in need something to help warm us up. Have no fear! We have just the stuff to keep you cozy throughout these chilly fall nights, and you can find them at all of these local distilleries.  Does it get any better than this?  

Bully Boy
35 Cedric St., Roxbury, MA
Two brothers make craft rum, vodka and whiskey in their Roxbury location.  Inspired by their family farm and what it became during the prohibition era, they turned their family history into a distillery.

Directions:  Take the Red Line to Andrew Station.  Head West and turn left onto Ellery Street.  Take a right onto Southhampton St. and then a left onto Newmarket Square.  Keep left on Newmarket.  Turn Right onto Mass Ave. and left onto Shirley St.  Take a right onto Norfolk Ave. and a left onto Langdon St.  Take your first right onto Cedric Street and you’ve arrived.

383 Dorchester Ave., Boston, MA
These distillers do it all by hand.  Everything is small batch and distilled in copper. Their specialty is gin but they also dabble with whiskey, vodka and an assortment of liqueurs.

Directions:  Take the Red Line to the Andrew stop. Turn left onto Dorchester Ave. GrandTen will be on your left.

Ryan & Wood
15 Great Republic Drive, Gloucester, MA
With vodka, gin, whiskey and rum all produced at this locale, you can experience all of their artisan, small batch spirits.  Add in a pretty seaside town and you have one sweet day ahead of you.

Directions:  At North Station take the Rockport line and get off at the Gloucester station.  In all honesty, grab a cab for this one.  It should only run you about $5-8.  It is located off the extension and safer to get to via car.

Privateer Rum
28 Mitchell Road, Ipswich, MA
True, hardy New Englanders draw inspiration from their heritage here at Privateer Rum.  They specialize in, you guessed it, rum.  Hit them up for not only some sweet spirits but a history lesson or two about New England Rum in all its glory.

Directions: At North Station take the Newburyport line and hop off at the Ipswich station.  This one is a little out of the way and a cab is recommended.  Should be about $5-8.

Damnation Alley
7 Brighton Street, Belmont, MA
Despite its name, Damnation Alley is a family operation.  Two sisters, Jessica and Emma along with their hubbies, Jeremy and Alex, take distilling to a whole ‘nother level.  Throw in their good friend Alison and their team has the recipe for some amazing spirits.


These folks take distilling to new heights! With names like “One Night in Bangkok” and “Pink Thing” they create flavor combinations that are to die for.  Think sweat chili (Bangkok) and strawberry basil (Pink)for starters.  They also have a ginger whiskey and bourbon that tastes like caramel.  Whether we were sipping on whiskey or vodka each spirit went down smooth as silk.

What’s another great thing about this amazing distillery?  They use all locally sourced produces to put into their spirits.  Not only are you supporting local distillers when you sip on a Damnation Alley cocktail but you are support local farmers as well!  You’ve heard of farm to table right?  Well this is farm to bottle!

With all the amazing flavor combinations and classics that Damnation Alley covers you will want to take a bottle of every variety home with you.  We won’t hold it against you!

Directions:  Take the Red Line to Alewife.  Take a right onto Cambridge Park Plaza.  Take a left onto Fitchburg Bikepath.  Take a left onto Brighton Street. Damnation Alley will be on your left.

Do you have a distillery in mind that we missed?  Hit us up here and let us know what we missed.