As the hues of the leaves slowly begin to change before our eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is heading out to do some apple picking. With the autumnal air slowly but surly permeating the weather, we thought we would give you a list of great farms to hit up for a taste of the rural life that can be located using only public transport. Make sure to check out these top spots for an afternoon enjoying farm fresh goodies and the open atmosphere.


Shelburne Farm
106 West Acton Road, Stow, MA
This place does it all.  Apple Picking, animals, a mini kids park, hayrides, a farm stand, prepared food, and of course the most important: apple cider donuts in abundance. Located in Stow, the farm also allows you to pick peaches and pumpkins.  Have a fall birthday?  You can even celebrate farm-style here, too! What’s not to like?

Directions:  Being a farm, Shelburne is  a little out of the way.  Grab a bike and head to North Station.  Take the Fitchburg/South Acton Line and hop off at South Acton. From there take a right onto Central Street and then a slight right onto Main Street.  Take your second right onto Maple Street.  Keep left onto Stow Street.  Cruise for 1.7 miles until you take a right onto West Acton Road.  Your destination will be on your right.  Enjoy!

Belkin Family Lookout Farm
89 South Pleasant Street, South Natick, MA
Did you know that this farm is one of the oldest continuously operating farms in the United States?  If not, ya do now! That’s right, it’s been in operation since 1651.  That’s 363 years, people!  Clearly, they know what they’re doing.

Directions:  Hit up North Station and grab the Framingham/Worcester line towards Worcester/ Union Station.   Jump off at Natick Center.  At the station grab the NDly towards Central Hub for two stops.  Get off and take a left onto Pleasant Street.  Less than a mile later you’re there!

C.N. Smith Farm
325 South Street, East Bridgewater, MA
Still owned and operated by the same Smith family that started farming the land, C.N. Smith farm has been at it since the 1920’s.  Stop in for some cider and farm life any day of the week.

Directions:  From South Station take the Middleborough/Lakeville line.  Get off at Bridgewater.  Follow Great Hill Drive until it turns into Hayward Street.  Continue left onto Hayward again and then take your third right onto High Street.  Stay left onto Bridge Street and take your second left onto South Street. Voila, you have arrived.

Brooksby Farm
38 Felton St, Peabody, MA
This orchard, although small, packs a punch. It has it all and is well worth the visit.  Grab some apples, feed the animals and head back in for some donuts.  Brooksby Farm won’t let you down.

Directions:  At North Station grab the Newburyport/Rockport line and hop off at Lynn.  Head down Market Street and turn left onto Harrison Court.  At the Lynn Commuter Rail Busway take bus 435 towards Danvers Square.  Get off at Essex Center Drive/ Kids R Us.  Walk up Essex Drive and take a left onto Essex Lane.  Take a left onto Prospect Street.  Take a right onto Felton street and you’re in business.

Russell Orchards
143 Argilla Rd. Ipswich, MA
So you want a weekend at the farm?  How about a farm with ocean views?  Even better? We think so. Russell Orchards is the farm to hit up this season.  With documents in place to always keep it a working family farm, this orchard will not only be around for generations to come, but is also packed with all the fall orchard activities you can think of.


Whatever you are down for, they have you covered. Hayrides, farm stand, fresh apple cider, pumpkins abound and yup, you got it, farm animals!  

Oh, those pigs! Not only is Big Darryl the pig a signature part of the farm, but also there are goats, ponies, chickens, rabbits, ducks and much more.  Come hang out by the pond and chill with old Bessie. Now, onto the most important part of your visit to the farm, the apple cider donuts. 

They are worth the wait, let us tell you.  Grab some fresh apple cider, a bag of hot donuts and find a pretty spot by the pumpkin patch for a treat worth devouring.  These babies are what dreams are made of and are worth battling your way through the lines to get.  Heavenly and hot, they melt in your mouth like the butter they were made with.  Once you’ve enjoyed your treat, make sure you head out on the hayride to pick some apples.

Directions:  Grab your bike and head over to North Station.  Take the Newburyport/Rockport Line to Ipswich.  Head north onto Peatfield Street.  It turns into Market Street.  At the main intersection take a right onto Main Street.  Take a right onto Rt. 1A/County St. and the next left onto Argilla Road. 1.8 miles of pretty scenery later and you are taking a right into the farm.

Do you have a favorite local orchard that didn’t make the list?  Let us know about it. We’re apple cider donut connoisseurs!