A part of the Charles Hotel Ice Rink has gone missing.

The hotel’s wintertime staple is dissembled and stored in Southern New Hampshire at the end of each season, according to Boston magazine. Alex Attia, the Charles Hotel’s general manager, said that the rink’s parts are kept in trailers. The hotel got a call from the warehouse in late October saying that one of the trailers was nowhere to be found.

“We’ve been storing the rink in a warehouse in New Hampshire for 11 years,” Attia said. “It’s the same warehouse; we never had any issues.”

Attia said he is unsure exactly how much of the rink was stored in the missing trailer.

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The rink has been a holiday tradition in Cambridge for 10 years, according to Boston magazine, a place where locals were able to come by and skate for minimal costs.

Since skating at the hotel is a beloved community activity, Attia and the rest of the staff at the Charles Hotel are racking their brains to find another way to use that space.

“We would love to continue with some activities,” Attia said. “One thing we definitely want to do is a winter farmer’s market.”

The hotel is also considering using the lot to sell Christmas trees. But so far, it’s unclear what exactly will be done with that space this season.

The warehouse has filed a police report in regards to the missing part of the rink. Any and all tips should be called in to the Charles Hotel directly at 617-864-1200.

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