When a baby started crying in class, a professor at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University rolled with the punches.


Longtime instructor and South Africa native Sydney Engelberg was teaching an organizational behavior class as a part of a master’s degree program when one of his students’ babies started to cry. When the woman stood to take her baby from the room, Engelberg didn’t skip a beat: he scooped up the baby, and it calmed down immediately.

Engelberg’s daughter, Sarit Fishbaine, posted this on Facebook.

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“There’s a lot of young moms and a lot of them have babies, and he encourages them to just bring their babies to class,” she explained in the post.

Why? Because Engelbert loves children, and he feels that have children in the room ties into the organizational behavior lessons that he’s lecturing on.

“My dad just loves kids and loves babies, he has five grandchildren, so he just takes the baby,” Fishbaine told BuzzFeed News.

“The way he sees the concept of getting education is not only learning the dry facts that you need to learn in class, but also learning values,” Fishbaine explained.