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Not to freak anyone out, but it’s halfway through December, and it’s time to actually start thinking about gifts for the holidays. Some people have a long-term significant other to worry about buying just the right gift for, and while that does have its stresses, it’s not nearly as awkward as trying to figure out what to get someone you just starting seeing. You have to get them SOMETHING – and this guide will help make the process less painful.

We’ve sorted out our gift ideas by neighborhood your beau lives in to help guide you (assuming you even know where they live, that is).

If you’re dating a guy who lives in Cambridge:

Upstate Stock Rag Wool Gloves – $29
Upstate Stock Rag Wool Gloves with Deerskin
These sweet gloves are USA made and perfect for biking down Mass Ave or walking your dog along the Charles and a great addition to any lubersexual’s winter wardrobe.

Thrill Murray Coloring Book – $15
Thrill Murray Coloring Book
Bring out your man’s creative (read: childish) side with this beautifully illustrated Bill Murray coloring book. Not only does everyone love him, but Murray is the man of the hour at the Brattle Theater this month. Be sure to plan a date night during the Murray Marathon week for added cool points.

If you’re dating a girl who lives in Cambridge:

bkr Glass Water Bottle – $30
bkr Glass Water Bottle
Any health-conscious girl enjoying life on this side of the river would be thrilled to have this chic BPA-free bottle to bring to work, class, or yoga. They come in tons of great colors too, so you really can’t go wrong even if you don’t know what her favorite color is yet.

2015 Zoo Animal Calendar – $26.95
2015 Zoo Animal Calendar
This is an easy gift for any Cambridge-based lady. From the animal lover to the workaholic who hardly has time to feed her Tamagotchi, who wouldn’t want these cute little critters living on their desk, dresser, or lab table?

If you’re dating a girl who lives in Southie:

Gilded Pretzel Bottle Opener – $10
Gilded Pretzel Bottle Opener

Cheeky and a great follow-up or lead-in to a quintessential local date: Harpoon Brewery tour and pretzel gorging.

Urban Outfitters Cloud Slipper – $39
Urban Outfitters Cloud Slipper
Light, comfy, and wearable all day and night (because who wants to leave their house once its cold?), these slippers are perfect. Hopefully she has a Netflix account – if not, bonus gift idea!

If you’re dating a guy who lives in Southie:

Native Union Charging Cable Key Chain – $30
Native Union Charging Cable Key Chain
What Southie boy wouldn’t be thrilled by nautical-themed tech gadgets? Plus, now he can keep his phone from dying if he stays out at the bars all day and night.

Swag Brewery Beer Soap – $10
Swag Brewery Beer Soap
If you’ve gone on even a few dates, you know if your guy likes beer. Maybe he likes it enough to bathe in it. There are several beer “flavors” to choose – and everyone wants to hang out with a guy who smells like apricots and hops.

If you’re dating a guy who lives in Allston:

No Fun Beanie – $24.99
No Fun Labeled Beanie
Everyone one could use more beanies, especially if their drafty Allston apartment bleeds heat. Your boyfriend may end up living in this baby to save money this winter. Its the gift the keeps on giving.

Adventure Time Terrarium – $34
Adventure Time Terrarium
Your Allston guy may not have a yard or even a tree-lined street, but with this terrarium, he can have a little greenery in his life and display is undying nerd love for Jake and Finn.

If you’re dating a girl who lives in Allston:

Saturday Initial Bracelet – $30
Saturday Initial Bracelet
This is a cute, easy gift; one size fits all, and no matter what her style is, there is a good chance your girlfriend will find a way to wear it to make it her own way. You don’t even need to know her whole first name to nail this one.

Strange Ways Nail Decals – $9.99- $24.99
Strange Ways Nail Decals
These are just really funny, and what girl wouldn’t be pumped to have alien nails for New Year’s? Plus, Strange Ways is owned by a MassArt Grad. Support small businesses and keep the Allston dream alive.

If you’re dating a girl who lives in Back Bay:

J.Crew Faux Fur-Lined Hat – $35
J.Crew Faux Fur-Lined Hat
This girl might have everything, but this time of year, anything cozy and furry is a safe bet.

Kate Spade Idiom Bangle – $32.00
stop and smell the roses' Kate Spade Idiom Bangle
These simple bracelets have happy little sayings etched into the inside that aren’t too mushy if you guys aren’t there just yet.

If you’re dating a guy who lives in Back Bay:

J.Crew Leather Flask – $45
J.Crew Leather Flask
Classic, stylish, and cheeky. Sound like your new Back Bay friend? This could be a great gift for him.

Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials Set – $29
Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials Set
I don’t care how manly he might be, everyone needs a little skin hydration if they have to walk down Boylston Street on a regular basis. Also, this Norman Rockwell edition makes this gift an American classic.

If you’re still feeling lost (or lost for time) head over to Sowa Holiday Market to find tons of local vendors selling their wares. Or don’t even get up and click over to our Gift Giving Pinterest Board for tons of other gift ideas. Happy holidays and best of luck with your new romance!