In case you haven’t heard, it’s National Boston Cream Pie Day!

Connies Stagecoach Salisbury


The delectable dessert — which is actually a cake, despite its name — was invented in 1856 at the Omni Parker House (whose take on the cake is shown below).

omni parker boston cream

Its success has spread beyond the Omni’s doors, however, with many bakeries in Boston and beyond getting in on this sweet treat.

New York chef crop Daniel Boulud Bar Boluloud Mandarin Oriental

National Dessert Day was only nine days ago, but seriously, how can you not go for a slice of this?

Boston Cream Pie Eastern Standard Kenmore Square

It’s been 19 years since Massachusetts named the Boston cream pie our official state dessert, but our love for it is stronger than ever.

i believe i can fry boston cream pie

Even Mike’s Pastry takes an occasional break from cannolis to whip up some BCP.

rosie tulips flickr boston cream pie

And if cake isn’t your thing, there’s always Boston cream pie doughnuts!


Try your best not to eat yourself into a food coma.

[Photos via Globe Staff, Rosie Tulips, I Believe I can Fly / Flickr]