So St. Patrick’s Day is just a day away, but if you can’t go out and drink yourself silly all night long because you have work or class the next day, here is our list of top 5 movies that are sure to give you that buzz without the morning-after hangover. Each partying movie comes complete with a recommendation for a drink of choice. Enjoy!

“Old School”
The Gist: Come on, you put Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn in a movie with Luke Wilson about three thirty-something friends starting a fraternity near their alma mater, you’ve got gold already. Remember Will Ferrell’s “Frank the Tank”? That unstoppable happy streaking drunk. Oh, and don’t forget that Snoop Dogg, back when he was Snoop Dogg, even makes a cameo in the film along with a man in a green hat. The movie is also directed by Todd Phillips, AKA the man who directed all three “Hangover” movies and brought us “Road Trip” among others.

Recommended Booze: According to, Absolut Vodka is the preferred alcohol of college students, so we are going to venture out and recommend it. That being said, its companion has to be a red solo cup for that authentic college fraternity experience.

The Gist: If a drunk frat boy picture isn’t your cup of tea, you can imbibe 2004’s Alexander Payne’s surprise hit, “Sideways.” This one may not seem like a party flick at first, but the film does possess a nice record of alcohol consumption, boasting 9 chugs, 3 cheers and 44 sips. This is a tale of two middle-age men disappointed with life and taking a break to embark on a week-long road trip through California’s wine country.

Recommended Booze: Any wine , but especially Pinot Noir?

“The Big Lebowski”
The Gist: Can’t pass up a cult classic, “The Big Lebowski. ” This Coen Brother’s film may center around a pothead bowler mistaken for a deadbeat philanthropist, but it does assert a heavy amount of alcohol. The movie’s central slacker, “The Dude,” whose drink of choice is the ever-classy White Russian (aka Caucasian). As a matter of fact, White Russians are referred to throughout the film so frequently that it inspired fans to discover the cocktail for themselves. Even “The New York Times had a story on the resurgence of White Russians due almost exclusively to this cult hit.

Recommended Booze: White Russian. Need we say more?

“The Hangover”
The Gist: Shots, lost babies, loose tigers and a singing Mike Tyson. Yikes. But put all those aside, and this movie reminds us that partying too hard does have some fun consequences (à la “where is Doug?”). So picture this: three dudes wake up from an epic bachelor party in Las Vegas only to find that their friend (the bachelor) is missing, and they have no memory of the previous night. On their quest to find Doug, the wolf pack takes a hazy trip down memory lane.

Recommended Booze: To do it right you really need to be on the tasteful path to get wasted (remember it’s Vegas), but don’t go over that cliff. We recommend what the boys started off the night with: Jägermeister shots. But skip the roofies here please.

“National Lampoon’s Animal House”
The Gist: This iconic frat comedy has impressive alcohol consumption and even crazier alcohol-induced antics. Plus, it is consider by most to be the greatest party movie ever. Set at the fictitious Faber College, this film launched food fights and toga parties across the country. Besides that, there’s an unforgettable parade scene and plenty of energetic moments that will make you want to “Shout.” The Delta Tau Chi Fraternity fights for its survival as it faces off against the evil Dean Vernon Wormer, who is determined to expel them all.

Recommended Booze: College antics aside, there is really only one drink to consume when it comes to watching this film, and we are going with the one from the iconic “Animal House” poster. John Belushi wears his “college” labeled pullover as he chugs Jack Daniels. It was presupposed, at that time, that the actor could drink an entire fifth of Jack in less than five minutes.

Honorable mention: “Beerfest”
Come on, this flick has a ridiculous amount of chugs, 52 to be exact, in one feature film. Plus, there is the scene where goofy character Landfill (Kevin Heffernan) thinks he can save his life by drinking himself out of a beer vat. Fittingly, you end up with the obvious choice of pairing it with a pint of some good ol’ German beer.