Just when you thought a news story couldn’t get more specific, there’s been controversy surrounding the state of puppy commercials set to air on this weekend’s Super Bowl broadcast. 

The Good: Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” Commercial

Released just this morning, this adorable one-minute chronicle is already bringing the Internet to tears and bears significant resemblance to “Puppy Love,” the company’s Super Bowl ad from last year. Impossibly good-looking single farmer whose humbleness is indicated by a single Budweiser baseball cap loses his impossibly adorable dog, impossibly adorable dog finds his way home and good-looking farmer cracks a Bud. American. Great.

The Controversial: GoDaddy’s “Journey Home” Commercial

Taking Budweiser’s cues, the Internet domain company created a near identical commercial – adorable pup makes a wayward journey home, only to find out that his owner has sold him on her website made with Within hours, the video had been condemned by PETA and had 42,000 signatures opposing its airing on Shortly after, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving released the following statement:



 Maybe not the hottest controversy going, but hey, it’s better than another thinkpiece on deflated footballs.