twitter chatter

Last week, Twitter launched a new widget that lets you discover your first tweet #FirstTweet. Naturally, once you’ve discovered your own, you’re likely to be off and running to find the first tweets of all your favorite accounts. I certainly was. But once I ran through dril, Sex Carl, rad milk, and a slew of others, I turned my attention to some of the artists we play on RadioBDC.

There are tons of first posts that look like this.

And some cheeky ones, like this from Two Door Cinema Club.

Some first tweets were endearing, like Dan from Bastille‘s.

Others opened with sad attempts at humor (sorry, Mr. Gibbard).

Some went for engagement right off the bat.

Others offered musical selections.

Oops, wrong Lorde. Although, when you look at them side-by-side, either one works.

Jake Bugg‘s first tweet attempted to tie Twitter into the Twin Peaks universe, I think.

This one’s my favorite, though, I think. Some deep insight from Tegan. Or Sara. Whoever posted it.

Next up, Steph Mangan will corral some local artists’ first tweets. Stay tuned.